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10.05 - 2013Arguments sent to European Parliament FOR the fisheries
10.05 - 2013Moroccan lobby arguments before the EP
10.12 - 2012About the 2010 Campaign
07.07 - 2011Dakhla fishermen deny benefits
07.07 - 2011European Voice: Support for controversial Morocco fishing agreement
05.07 - 2011EU Council formally adopts one-year extension of EU-Morocco fish deal
30.06 - 2011Germany misled?
29.06 - 2011Split EU Council decides to renew EU-Morocco fish pact
28.06 - 2011German reversal may extend illegal EU fish pact with Morocco
24.06 - 2011Denmark repeats it will vote against EU fisheries in Western Sahara
23.06 - 2011Discussion on prolonging EU-Morocco fish pact adjourned
22.06 - 2011Guess which EU agreement this Sahrawi is protesting against
21.06 - 201124 NGOs demand transparency in EU fish agreements
09.06 - 2011Hunger striking against EU fisheries in Western Sahara
08.06 - 2011Reuters: "Fishing pact loses EU millions in Morocco: report"
02.06 - 2011Ireland: "Unclear whether Western Sahara benefits from EU fisheries"
26.05 - 2011Western Sahara: still the elephant in EU-Moroccan relations
06.05 - 2011European Commission has not presented info on Saharawi consultation
24.04 - 2011New York lawyers slam EU fisheries in Western Sahara
01.04 - 2011EU-Morroco fish deal a 'failure' for all concerned
10.03 - 2011Sahara president says EU undermines UN peace talks
28.02 - 2011EU Commission and Morocco sign extension of controversial fish pact
17.02 - 2011Sweden will vote no
17.02 - 2011Irish Labour Party: Outrageous behaviour by European Commission
17.02 - 2011Parliamentarians ask Commission to stop maintaining Sahara conflict
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The EU considers to pay Morocco to fish in occupied Western Sahara. An EU-Morocco Fisheries Agreement from 2013 would be both politically controversial and in violation of international law. The international Fish Elsewhere! campaign demands the EU to avoid such unethical operations, and go fishing somewhere else. No fishing in Western Sahara should take place until the conflict is solved.
عريضة لوقف النهب


يحضر الاتحاد الاوربي لإبرام اتفاق غير اخلاقي جديد للصيد البحري مع المغرب في سنة 2013.

مرة اخرى، يعتزم الاتحاد الاوربي الصيد في المياه الاقليمية للصحراء الغربية المحتلة في خرق سافر للقانون الدولي. وقع هذه العريضة للتنديد بذلك.

"EU fisheries in Western Sahara must be stopped"

Western Sahara human rights activist Aminatou Haidar hopes for increased attention to the EU plundering of occupied Western Sahara.


10.04 - 2012
Guardian: EU taking its over-fishing habits to west African waters?
15.12 - 2011
EU Observer: Morocco expels EU fishing boats
15.12 - 2011
BBC News: Morocco's fish fight: High stakes over Western Sahara
15.12 - 2011
European Voice: MEPs reject EU-Morocco fisheries pact
15.12 - 2011
Reuters: EU lawmakers reject Morocco fisheries pact

Human rights activist Malak Amidane denounces EU fisheries